Thursday, 24 February 2011


We are having to use Matchmover to track the videos.

2d tracking

... load sequence/choose file ...

... this window will open. Bring sensitivity and density down and click 'run' ...

... go to 2d tracking and clean assistant ...

... this window will pop up ...

... change the life span to 15 frames then click ok ...

... go to 3d tracking and solve for camera ...

... the screen will turn into a 3d plane. Move the grid so it fits to the piece of ground you're tracking ...

... once you have done this, export this out as a Maya file with '.ma' at the end.

Once you have done this you are left with a Maya file to work on.

green screening

I've been trying my hand with green screening.
Gary was kind enough to be the subject for the footage.

a still taken of Gary running towards the camera.

the background removed in After Effects

video showing the background added in.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


The storyboards of this project will affect the work outcome of the other. I will take my time once I have given Russell the basic animatic by the end of today. (If I get them done ><) Btw, I have got one of my biggest problems out of the way the other day so I feel much better about doing work at college. ------ Update: I just saw the images Russell and Gary took for location this will help a hell of a lot when it come to drawing what’s going to happen.

Waiting on a decision for music 'til the animatic can be done and we have the final idea of the film.