Sunday, 20 March 2011


my evaluatotion about the work i have done

adding the animation back into the sean

this post is more about some of the affter effects

i was sceptcal when i was shown the footage i well be working on. all of the shots were only a few secons long eatch.

russell has been helping me a lot to acheave the right effects i couldent make in maya. such as the blur and


post about lighting
the diffrent footage russell gave me consisted of mostly outside shots and one inside.
i am useing a number of diffrent lights to interpreat the footage and take note of were the main lights are coming from

for lighting i mostly used abent and point lighting for the seans.

  • abent light: colour and intensaty
  • point lighting: shadow and shading.
update, i've been told that the footage is now going to be in black and wight. i did spend some time trying to copy the diffrent light colours but that all for not now.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

my shots and maya work

This post should have been up weeks ago.
Russell has been changing the shots he's been giving me a few time but most of them are really the same. I've been given up close shots. the moment is pretty much the same as a normal shot but only have to work hard on lighting and face features when they are need.
Lagie has made a new texture for us to use.

As for the Maya work I've started the animation asked of me but it's not going very well. I'm having difficulty working with Moom this time round. every time I try and move his whole body in time with the trolley, it jumps.

A shot of Maya and Moom. DX

Having difficulty managing time and getting work done at this point.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


now that we have the maya file...

... when we open the file we can see all the

I've added a cube and moved it across the camera

the video shows how the camera flickers around where the footage will be.

pf track

There is an alternative tracking software which Russell and Arran own a copy of. I don't have a copy myself so I will be relying on them to let me use theirs.
The big differences are:

  • trackers are seemingly more accurate.
    when I was useing Matchmover I noticed that the trackers were behind the camera and therefor essentially useless. I didn't have that happen with PF Track.

  • I was able to add test objects to the scene and so get an idea of how it was tracking without needing to exporting it into Maya.